Material R & D Engineer

(Master or PhD) – Position Code CE01

Job Requirements:

  • Master’s degree or higher in chemistry, materials chemistry, polymer chemistry, applied chemistry, analytical chemistry or chemical engineering. Familiar with nano-materials, semiconductor physics, inorganic chemistry, structural chemistry and other aspects of the theoretical knowledge. Candidates should have more than one year of laboratory work or research and development experience.
  • Ability to master the synthesis mechanism and preparation process of nano-materials, or to participate in or lead the research work on lithium batteries, super capacitors, thermal materials, optoelectronics etc. Candidates should be familiar with the testing technology (including various spectrum, electron microscopy and various test results Interpretation, such as Raman, infrared, nuclear magnetic, AFM, SEM, etc.), and can independently operate the experimental equipment. Candidates should be familiar with (DSC) graphene and graphene film transfer related work, contact with high performance liquid chromatography and other aspects of graphene lithium battery or super capacitor work.
  • Candidates should have thorough knowledge of graphene, along with the relevant applications or theoretical work, along with a strong learning ability. Can carry out new material design, development, modification and evaluation, read the literature alone and complete the development of new materials design Experimental program. Has the ability to independently write project reports and prepare relevant project technical documents and patent documents.
  • Has good English reading ability, independent retrieval of English literature, and skilled use of office software. Proficiency in the use of computational chemistry software, such as gaussian, Q-chem and so on.
  • A proactive worker, with basic project management knowledge and experience, and works well in teams.


Process Engineer

(undergrad or master) – Job code CE02

Job requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher in chemical engineering and technology, applied chemistry, analytical chemistry, polymer, materials chemistry, or physical chemistry. Experience in chemical industry is preferred.
  • Familiarity with the laboratory equipment and instruments commonly used in the basic principles, have certain operational skills, and can complete experimental work. Experience with nano-materials synthesis, carbon material modification applications related to graphene research work preferred.

Candidates should be familiar with

  • CAD software and cartography, with commonly used chemical equipment automation design and processing
  • liquid solid powder separation and drying
  • factory ISO quality management system operation
  • office software such as Microsoft Office etc
  • In addition, candidates should be proactive workers and are eager to learn, is serious and responsible, and works well in teams.


Marketing Manager 

Job Code CMS01

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in physical, materials, or polymer chemistry and/or other related professional or science and engineering background, with a passion for sales and marketing work.
  • Familiar with polymers, analytical and testing materials and related fields or industry work experience and resources, special polymers, analytical testing and coating-related applications and technology.
  • The applicant should have good communication skills and negotiation skills, can independently develop new customers and maintain customer relationships, has customer sales experience, and can conduct market research and analysis. Should be good at collecting technical developments and new requirements for products and finding new product information.
  • Familiar with network marketing or channel sales and management, marketing activities, exhibition planning.
  • The applicant should be hard-working, with a pioneering spirit, an active worker, and good at organizing, coordinating and utilizing various resources.


Finance Manager 

Position code CF01

Job requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher, with more than three years experience in financial management, has relevant qualification certificates; foreign trade experience, and is familiar with accounting, finance, economics, and management
  2. Familiar with national financial policies, corporate financial process, computerized accounting, and proficient in relevant tax laws and regulations
  3. Ability in cost management, risk control and financial analysis
  4. Good organization, coordination and communication skills, able to work in teams and can withstand work related stress


  • Preparation of various types of financial statements of the company, processing company taxes in accordance with the requirements of national policies and regulations
  • Processing the company’s accounting accounts and the cost of audit reimbursements
  • Supervision and control over company budgeting and expenses
  • Develop, maintain, improve financial management procedures and policies, along with the reporting quarterly and annual financial plans
  • Provide the necessary financial reporting analysis of the company
  • Help analyze and meet the company’s target profit through cost prediction, control and accounting.


Administrative Assistant

Position code CA01


1. Develop HR plans for talent acquisition
2. Obtaining permits for social security, residence permits, personnel introduction, and documents pertaining to the company
3. Responsible for the management and controlling the expenses of office supplies and fixed assets of the company
4. Handling employee relations, promoting corporate culture, staff activities and managing attendance
5. Responsible for drafting and publishing official letters
6. Assist other departments in their daily affairs as needed, and is capable of management


 1. Bachelor’s or higher with more than one year administrative assistant or related work experience
2. Familiar with the operation of office software, great people skills, capable of thinking on their feet
3. Familiar with national labor and personnel regulations and policies;
4. Able to work carefully and deliberately, is responsible, motivated, and able to coordinates and communicate efficiently.
5. Fast learner, thrives under pressure, and works well with people
6 Able to speak English, fluent in speech, and can provide translations of articles and research.


Patent Writer

Job code – IPR001


1. More than one year of patent writing experience, independent completion of over 50 patents
2. Bachelor’s or higher in inorganic chemistry or related majors, master’s preferred
3. Familiar with entire patent application process, able to do technical research and development
4. Passion for intellectual property work
5. Great people skills preferred
6. Patent finders preferred
7. Responsible at work, and CPC skills preferred

1. Participate in technical information exchange, and the formation of a library;
2. Track the progress of company projects, and communicate with the inventor
3. Complete the application documents according to its requirements
4. Audit agency Quality of service and make amendments;
5. Patent life cycle management;
6. Timely collection of government funding policy on intellectual property rights, project declaration of intellectual property
7. Real-time understanding of the company’s product dynamics, and early warning of infringements

All applicants should provide one or two completed patent application documents, and in the resume indicate the salary requirements.



Compensation and benefits
Salary: basic salary, variable salary, allowances (jobs, education, training, etc.)
Bonus: performance bonuses, annual bonuses, special bonuses
Benefits: paid holidays, annual travel, condolence payments for close family members with major diseases
Insurance: social insurance, commercial insurance
Housing: housing fund
Location: Shenzhen Guangming New District
Please send applications and resumes to: (Applications should include English CV, a recent photo, and indicate desired pre-tax salary, along with the job code for the application). In addition we can set up a remote video interview.

The various positions offer different salaries, and specifics are negotiable.

The company can provide accommodation, apartments, air-conditioned rooms, public canteens, fitness and entertainment.
We are engaged in an industry that the government attaches great importance to and support the emerging strategic industries, the company is in a high-speed development period, the future promotion opportunities; for the outstanding performance of the staff, we will be based on the company’s development priority into equity incentive plan!

The company is engaged in an emerging industry that the government considers to be incredibly important. Rapid growth is expected, and high performance of the staff can lead to equity within the company.